Renegade Man- The da Vinci Apprentice

My mom, like all moms, has a few favorite stories that she enjoys telling once, or twice….or more. One of those stories is of one of my brothers who, when he was younger, emphatically declared, “I wanna be a Renegade man!” She quickly realized that he meant Renaissance man.

Many people associate Leonardo da Vinci as the quintessential Renaissance man. A brilliant artist, scientist, inventor, musician, and athlete, da Vinci is one of the greatest beacons of personal achievement in human history. Like many others, I aspire to be, as well as I can, like the great Italian.

I think to be a Renaissance man today is to be a renegade. I believe that it requires a commitment and ingenuity of thought that not many, least of all myself, are willing to possess. It requires unconventional living.

When I think about my life and how little I’ve accomplished or how much time I’ve wasted, I feel a little panicked. I’ll admit it’s a little silly or pathetic that someone who’s almost 22 can feel that life has passed her by, but it’s true that there’s so much more I could have done. Those years passed because I had consigned myself to the reality of life that is the norm in a first-world society: Facebook, Hulu, internet-surfing, shopping, sleeping, and eating out. Although a valid part of life, these activities certainly did not merit all of my time. I think a lot of people live this life without realizing that they are experiencing very little. This blog is an experiment in meaningful living.


2 responses to “Renegade Man- The da Vinci Apprentice

  1. An excellent way to look at the blog. I started mine for one reason, and find that I am gaining far more than I intended, but not accomplishing what I wanted in the first place. FInding blogs like yours are like coming across those special pebbles that you see in a stream – the light hits them just right, you pick them up and keep them – a gem. :)

    • Hi Anne. I really appreciate the great compliment you paid to my blog. But I really find myself in the same place as you :) My blog and intentions definitely continue to change and develop quite a bit. But the process is fun and I find that it helps me to learn and grow too. The fortunate thing about having a blog dedicated to becoming a Renaissance man is that really I can do and try anything!

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