Hellooooo Spring! It’s nice ta see ya.


It was a really cold winter. Fortunately, this week was an early breath of spring speaking of many good things to come. Longer days and sunshine have lifted my spirits despite soul-crushing midterms and the lack of a spring break.

The temperature today was in the 70’s and everyone seemed to be better for it. It seemed wrong not to take advantage of the beautiful weather. So after school, my husband Isaac and I headed to Rock Canyon just 5 minutes away from my university for our first climb of the year. I started climbing about 2 1/2 years ago when Isaac and I first met. I’m afraid of heights and I feel queasy whenever I reach the top of  a pitch and have to hang out there. But I love being outside and there are few better ways to enjoy it.

We did two cruiser pitches up the Red Slab and then Ed and Terry’s. The Red Slab was completely covered with people but we were the only ones on Ed and Terry’s face. I took the picture above with my phone while Isaac and I hung out at the top of the second pitch. It’s nothing special but I love that view. Below is the Utah Valley and Utah Lake. Rock canyon is a great place to easily access the outdoors, and yet amazingly most people never think to explore their own backyards. I used to be one of those people, and I’m so grateful for Isaac’s sense of adventure. I guess in a selfish way it’s a good thing that more people don’t get out. It keeps Rock Canyon the outdoors for me and Isaac. Still, I think living happens outside of walls. The world doesn’t start on a trip or in some far, exotic place. It starts out your front door.


6 responses to “Hellooooo Spring! It’s nice ta see ya.

  1. I haven’t done my first climb of the year yet … the gym doesn’t count.
    Something you said resonated with me. Sometimes I get that same fear while I’m climbing, too. It can be daunting at times, stops me in my tracks, and then I remember I have the rope to catch me, a good belayer, etc, and I can lower if I need to. It’ll be ok. So I press on, even though I’m scared, and make it beyond the crux or the difficult/blank spot. I expected to have some fun climbing, and to spend time outdoors in the mountains, but I didn’t expect personal growth.

    • Thanks for the comment Forrest. I totally agree. Climbing is cleansing and good for the soul. There’s so much trust involved. Trust in your belayer, equipment, rock, and most of all yourself. I hope you can get out on your first climb soon.

  2. I’ve been a climber for many years! When I was younger I was on the sharp end and also never loved heights..but loved the challenge and became good at overcoming my fears. As the years passed though, both me and my husband became less and less interested in pushing ourselves so hard…so now about the only time we climb is when some of our younger friends are the rope guns. :) We started Mt biking a number of years back and that’s something I’m still doing in my 50’s – although for some reason I do seem to have more slug potential these days. :) You seem very wise for your age! I’m so glad you are doing all these amazing things and challenging yourself! Keep it up!

    • Wow that’s amazing. I think that the outdoor life is definitely the way to go. It’s so awesome to experience nature while challenging yourself and having fun. I just tried mt biking and loved it. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and I hope that I can keep it up like you. Thank you very much for the kind words and encouragement.

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