Lucid Dreaming

As my first experiment, I’m going to explore lucid dreams where the dreamer is aware of the dream. Inspiration for this experiment stems in large part from a personal paucity of dreams and an overriding sense of blah in the occasional episode that I do experience and remember. I think that perhaps one of the reasons for the lackluster quality of my dreams is that as a child I would pray each night that I wouldn’t dream. My childhood nights were frequented by nightmares that made me desperately afraid of sleep. I associated with these nightmares a claustrophobic dream state in which I had to endure some seemingly eternal horror. Maybe fear had caused me to unknowingly decline dreams any conscious consideration. Whatever the true cause, not dreaming has deprived me of a full human experience. I mean, how much time do I spend asleep!

I think what’s particularly amazing about dreams are their ability to unlock unbridled and unrealized cerebral potential. In high school, I had one particularly memorable dream where I was able to explore a beautiful architectural structure. After waking, I was amazed by what I was able to create and how I was able to experience it in such a complete and real way. I could never consciously create anything so beautiful. This unfettered world of creation is what I am trying to aspire to.

To realize lucid dreaming, the standard recommendation is to keep a journal by the bed and upon waking to record as completely as possible any dreams experienced. Supposedly, after a while conscious recognition of a dream state will develop and the dreamer may begin to control and to manipulate the dream. There are even those that claim to use lucid dreaming to help solve life problems. I will begin my experiments in dreams by keeping a journal. I’m interested to see whether having a journal will help me dream more frequently and how long that will take. Hopefully, I will soon have some results to share.


2 responses to “Lucid Dreaming

  1. Did you ever tell me about this? Amazing how people can live side by side for years and never know the internal workings of another. This seems to be the epitome of mortality.
    I had a very vivid dream the other day – about quarters. Dreamed that I was walking by a hedge next to Hale Mahaolu in Kahului and each bush was filled with quarters. I wanted to “harvest” them but held back because of a concern that they had been placed there for someone else’s activity. As I debated, a group of children came along, and I knew they would find the quarters and I woke up.

    • I thought it was obvious? I’ve always had a hard time sleeping at night. Early on it was because I was really afraid. Now I just can’t put my mind to rest. You’ve always had interesting dreams though.

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