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In the past week, perhaps in an effort to hurriedly usher in spring, flowers have artificially popped up in bright patches across campus grounds. But Mother Nature had other thoughts and it snowed today. Women never like being rushed or told what to do.

Running in between classes, I paused to take these two pictures with my phone. The focal point, the yellow narcissus, is the same flower in each picture. Although the narcissus is the same and never changes, my feelings about the flower differ depending on what perspective I’m looking from. Sometimes I wonder how much so this also must be with life in general. Maybe from the perspective we are currently standing in we never see or can understand all the elements or circumstances that surround a person, encounter, or event.  The very thing we are perceiving changes based on our observations. It’s the old problem with anthropology and the study of cultures, or the problem with observing an electron where you can never know both the position and momentum. Can we ever see things as they really are? How often do we form supposed maxims for our personal realities without realizing that our perceptions are often based on limited perspectives?

The flower shares a name with the hunter of Greek mythology who looked upon his reflection in the water and was so enthralled by his own beauty and image that he drowned. What does your feelings about the narcissus say about you? Really, our view of the world and of others is only a reflection on ourselves. We must be careful about the views we cultivate.


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