A Word A Week: Old

Old is a relative and highly subjective term. The pictures below share just one idea of the word. They convey to me children that seem “old” for their age.

On Lake Titicaca in Peru are the Uros Islands, which are a group of islands made entirely of reeds. The people of the Uros tribe are remnants of an ancient civilization who, according to their legends, predated the sun. These children are the new heirs of that very old tradition. The boy is named Emerson and he is 6 years old. Emerson can’t swim and he’s (surprisingly) deathly afraid of the water. But that doesn’t stop him from periodically jumping into a boat on a whim and touring his neighborhood. When his dad rows the boat, Emerson stands on the bow and shouts orders like a captain. He chatters incessantly in a sweet and excited tone. And as the bow approaches a shore, he hops onto the island with a rope, helps to pull the boat in, and ties it up. It is interesting to me that a child of that age could be so capable and independent. If one marker of age is experience, then in many ways Emerson is much older than I.

Apr 25, 2012 - 16Apr 25, 2012 - 19


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