Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

This orchid helped inspire me to see ways in which I needed to change. I have included an anecdote from the perspective of the flower below.


I am an orchid and because of what I am some people suppose that I don’t have a story, but I do. All things have a story and mine is a story about love.

I could start with my father or my father’s father or my own origins or where I’ve been, but I want to talk about where I currently am and my new family. It started with the boy. It took him a while, but eventually he decided he liked me and he chose me and took me with him. I’ve been around long enough to understand the signs of the occasion: red, pink, balloons, flowers, chocolate, hearts, cards, but most of all clueless men standing around and staring confused and overwhelmed at the wide array of products that they could choose to represent something as intangible as love.

The boy brought me home and put me in a place that the girl never goes. But that day was a day out of the ordinary and she found me. She told the boy and he was a little put off. He said the girl ruins all of his surprises. But really, he was pleased at her reaction. I was beautiful and she loved me. So I was put where everyone could see and admire my loveliness.

The days came and went and so did the girl. I could see that she was happy some days, but other days she was sad, tired, or frustrated. Sometimes she would notice me and appreciate me. But she would soon realize that she had something to do and rush off again.

One day she spoke to me for the first time, “Two months have passed. Not one of your flowers has fallen or faded. Your façade is pristine and unchanged. And while I have occasionally enjoyed your fairness, I have never once thought to care for you. Now I am astonished that you should still be so strong and so handsome.”

To which I replied, “It was the boy who steadily cared for me. He nourished me and saw that I was kept alive.”

Upon hearing this, the girl was deeply saddened, “All this time I have neglected you. I knew that you were beautiful, but I never thought how it was that you were kept so. You have brought me happiness and yet I could not take a little time to tend to you and to see that you were happy and healthy. I would have let you hurt and begin to die before I would have regarded you and sought a remedy. And perhaps then it would have been too late and you would have been gone from me.”

My heart broke to see the girl so sad. I reassured her, “I am only here because of you. The boy got me for you and I was kept alive so that I could bring you joy when you needed me. Although you have forgotten me for a time, you can see that I am still here, untainted, because of the boy’s diligent effort. He had not forgotten because he knew that you would remember.”

The girl understood.

So from that day, because I was not yet lost, both cared for me. And I prospered and grew and continued in beauty so that all who could see me would feel joy.


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    • Thank you for stopping by my blog. Family is one of the sublime joys and I’m really blessed. I stopped by your blog as well and thought it was really beautiful. You’ve had a really amazing life!

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