Biking the Provo River Trail

This evening Isaac and I biked the Provo River Trail from our place out to Utah Lake. I can’t believe I’ve never done that before. The river was so beautiful. The trees were beginning to green and bud. We rode past pastures of cows and horses. There were little cows running around, playing in the water, and enjoying their new life. As I rode past one cow, she seemed so strange, shaking her head methodically back and forth with wide open, bulging eyes rolled back into her head. I realized she was scratching her neck across the barbed wire. We rode along the lake, stopped when the trail ended, and walked around a little. There were ducks and geese. I love the peaceful sounds of the lake. They take me back in a strange way. I used to play a bass fishing computer game as a kid and being from Hawaii I had never spent time on a lake, so the sounds still evoke a feeling of artificiality. I still can’t get over how many mountains there are in Utah. Mountains literally just surround the lake in every direction.

Then I got home and learned how to unclog a toilet using a plunger. Isaac and I once had a fight over a clogged toilet. The culprit was…

I took the pictures above, but my phone isn’t very good. Isaac took the following pictures with his.




4 responses to “Biking the Provo River Trail

  1. Lovely photos! I’ve noticed that you have the same blog design theme as me. I have a technical question that maybe you can answer – how do you dictate which photo gets used as the main photo on your home page? I’ve learned that it is not automatically the first one that you post or the one that you place at the top. Sometimes it works the way I want it to, other times not. Any suggestions? I thought that I’d ask on this post since you have photos in this one.

    • It took me a while to figure that one out too and it actually really used to frustrate me :) While you’re editing your posts, at the bottom right there’s a place where you can set your “Featured Image.” So you just choose the one you want and that’s the one that will appear on the home page.

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