My mom was right…I’m dumb

OK, well my mom has actually never said that I’m dumb. She’s probably the nicest mom possible that it’s hard to accept any of her compliments because I always think she’s just saying it

1) because she’s my mom, and

2) because she’s nice.

Another thing that’s great about my mom is that she’s so grounded, down-to-earth, and a good example. Eventually, I learn. And I’m slowly learning that I am dumb…about certain things. But, I’m a girl and some of it comes with the territory. One time I asked Isaac what he thought it’s like to be a girl. I was plucking my eyebrows at the time. He considered the question thoughtfully and then replied, “I don’t know…stupid.”  I could bite, “OK. Why?” Then he replied, “Because they spend so much time on stuff that don’t matter.” I agreed, but then I happily spent the next ten minutes finishing my eyebrows.

Today I went to Macy’s and returned four pairs of stockings that I bought several months ago (thank goodness for the generous return policy): dark grey, light grey, grey with flowers, and brown. They were part of six pairs that I had bought, and I already owned many different colors and styles of stockings. How does this relate to my mom? Well, when I was a teenager I would get into these phases where I really liked a certain style. So I would get basically every color and type I could find. There was a time where I had 40 or so graphic shirts. Every time I wanted to buy a new shirt, my mom would tell me I didn’t need any more shirts and I would tell her and honestly feel that this addition was something very different. So it went with everything.


Now I’m at a point in my life where I look at all the stuff I’ve accumulated and I really begin to feel stupid because it’s not necessary and it’s not edifying to have so many things. There’s a real point where our possessions begin to possess us. Not only do they consume our money but they consume our time and energy in having to think about and organize them. No wonder my mom was always trying to get rid of stuff. Maybe other people don’t struggle with materialism and silly issues like this, but I certainly do. And this is not conducive to a meaningful life. Eventually, I learn, mom.


3 responses to “My mom was right…I’m dumb

  1. Your mom’s dumb too. Had to learn the hard way. Just passing on experience from the school of hard knocks.

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