Memorial Day Weekend

My friend invited me to go on a road trip to spend a free day at Disneyland and California Adventure. I couldn’t pass it up. I love Disney and even worked for The Mouse for a summer at Walt Disney World in Florida.

We went all day Saturday from 8am before the park opened at 9 to 12:30am after the park closed at 12. We were lucky that it wasn’t all that busy for the Memorial Day weekend.


The newest addition is Cars Land at California Adventure and we hit that up first. It’s a fun area and nobody does atmospherics better than Disney. We went on the Radiator Springs Racers ride, which seemed kind of ironic to me. It was amazingly realistic, but we had just spent 9 hours driving through the real thing and would spend another 9 driving back. It was a perfect California day. Warm enough to quickly dry you after the water rides, and cool enough to keep you happy and grateful that you’re in California. Just look at those skies!

Radiator Springs Racers

Radiator Springs Racers


The highlight of my day was definitely the World of Color water show at California Adventure. It was one of the most spectacular shows I have ever seen. It wasn’t just the scale and impressiveness of it all. It was the wide range of emotions that it could draw out of you: awe, sadness, loss, joy, courage, gratefulness. If you weren’t happy yet, you were happy then. It made me believe again in beauty, magic, and goodness.




We spent the remainder of our holiday going to Manhattan Beach, seeing Beverly Hills, and spending time at the Santa Monica pier.


Our car broke down in Vegas on Memorial Day while we were trying to get Vietnamese sandwiches at Lee’s. The service shop was closed so we spent the night there, and then spent 6 hours at the shop the next day. When we were finally able to get going again there was an accident right at our exit to the I-15. Despite our breakdown we had a good time and it was an awesome weekend. But we were happy to get home.


All That Jazz


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